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In 1915 someone felt the need of a Baptist church in the Marbury area. Under the leadership of Rev. James M. Thomas, a former pastor of Nanjemoy Baptist Church, and ten Baptist families in the community, Marbury Baptist Church was founded. 


In the years between its inception and today, 21 pastors and hundreds of dear individuals labored hard and long for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. These dedicated Christians overcame many difficulties so that we have a place to worship our God. 


We have been blessed to have had a part in passing along the gospel message by assisting in the creation of building several other Baptist churches, among them Lexington Park, First Baptist of LaPlata, Welcome and White Plains. Along the way we have helped other churches from time to time. Much has been done to help those in the community in need; churches and people in Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia in times of floods, tornados, hurricanes, Christmas in April, and local agencies. 


God has been at the helm in guiding and directing the work of His Kingdom through dedicated people. What we do today through the guidance of the Holy 
Spirit in our lives will leave a legacy for those coming behind us. We pray their inheritance will be as rich as ours and that they will know Jesus Christ as Savior. 



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